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Fundamental Ideas

In order to achieve sustainable growth and expansion while fulfilling corporate social responsibility, our company places significance on compliance. We have propelled to improve our framework of top management and business operation to enable the company to adapt to changes of business environment rapidly and flexibly.

Organization of our company

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of four directors (including an external board member)who are responsible for auditing and managing operations efficiency of company group. Their duties also include deliberating, making decision about management policy, planning, strategy formulation, relevant matters of law and regulations and other things relating to corporate management.

Group Management Committee

Group Management Committee consists of internal directors and operating executives of each business sector who focus on the framework which enables swift decision-making on new business opportunities and investments. The committee is also discussing and monitoring progress of each business plan. Regarding to other crucial matters facing the company, they shall be discussed and resolved from strategic standpoint.

Risk management system

Our company sets up a special section in order to figure out and manage risks inside the whole group and in order to be in control of potential risks which is an implicit business process of operation framework. We avoid potential risks across the group by establishing management system and procedures of compliance.

All the employees work along a framework, carrying out their duties in accordance with laws and regulations and articles of our corporation. By holding board members meetings once a month we prevent any violation of law and regulations, as well as facilitating communication among directors. In addition, we set up administrative sections and persons in charge so we can maintain and improve our internal control and compliance system.


CSR is an abbreviation for "Corporate Social Responsibility".

The GNU group will achieve its management principals and policies through business activities which make customers satisfied, so that the group can remain trusted by society.

By doing so, we aim for not only growth as a corporation but also we look forward to contributing to building of a sustainable society.

The meaning of CSR for our group is, to fulfill our obligations to society, to enhance credibility and to raise corporate value.

Eco-cap activity

Our company is committed to environment protection by collecting plastic bottle caps for recycling. Also we are donating to charities for vaccines for children in the world. We believe that our donations can change and save lives.

BELLMARK activity

bell mark movement that began under the desire "to want to let educated in an equally rich environment for all children". We are participating in the collection activities of Bell mark the GNU group all employees.

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