• GNU Inc.

GNU Ltd. (hereafter referred Our Company) provides the following “Basic policy to antisocial forces”.

In principal

The company declares the following basic policies in order to prevent the damages caused by groups or individuals who pursue economic benefit by means of fraudulent, force and violence ( so called Anti-Social Elements).

  • The company does not have any relations with Anti-Social Elements.
  • The company works with specialized agencies such as police, the center for elimination of Boryokudan and attorneys to handle properly any incidents to prevent any damages caused by Anti-Social Elements.
  • The company never accepts undue demands by Anti-Social Elements and resolutely deals with it according to law.
  • The company does not give benefits nor makes backstage deals with Anti-Social Elements.
  • In case any employee of GNU Inc. is faced with undue demands by Anti-Social Elements, the company ensures their safety.

January 1st 2011
GNU Inc.

Member group

Public interest foundation
Campaign for against the exclusion of “boryokudan” crime of Tokyo center
[ URL: https://boutsui-tokyo.com/ ]

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