• GNU Inc.

Our company is an unlisted company since August 11, 2010, so we guide the handling of our stocks.

A1.According to the launch of Electronic Share Certificate System on January 5th 2009 GNU Inc. does not issue stock certificates. We will not issue new share certificates in order to avoid any confusion to the shareholders caused by old and new certificates and to reduce cost.
A2.The procedures for the reregistration of our company's share must be handled by JAPAN SECURITIES AGENTS, LTD. Due to abolishment of conventional shareholder registration sheet (kabunushi-hyo), when requesting or applying for a stock-related administrative work such as reregistration, please use templates specified by our company and place your registered seal attaching relevant seal registration certificate ( if you don't have registered seal you may use unregistered seal with your identity verification documents).
A3.Exchanging of the shares shall be done directly between the parties. Our company's shareholder records can be issued by the administrative company upon request. It may take about one month to issue after the request.

Any inquiries, requests and applications concerning our shares may be sent to:

TEL: 0120-707-843
(Operating hours during weekdays: 9AM-5PM)

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