• GNU Inc.

My name is Takashi Kurokawa, Representative Director & President of GNU Inc.

Our company took new step and it has changed into a new organizational structure last June.

We have built a new structure which enables quick decision-making while streamlining drastically while ensuring compliance. We have restructured our group companies to specialize in order to increasing efficiency.

Our new strategy is for each business to focus on responding to various customer demands by combining our advantages and expertise in cutting-edge information technology and marketing and planning abilities accumulated throughout the group. This new structure will strengthen each company’s business domain and fortify their profitability in existing business model.

We also aim to contribute to society by remaining sustainable growth and strengthening earning capacity through investing in new businesses while creating synergy with existing business through feasibility studies.

Our company is committed to enhance credibility, to increase corporate value with all the employees and to contribute to society.
Thank you very much for your continued patronage and support.

Takashi Kurokawa
Representative Director & President
GNU Inc.

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