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High customer satisfaction measurement achieved by keyword of employee’s autonomy.。

The system development business in our group piles a lot of relations results to the core technology in each field from the firmware to the application and the network including the development of software.
The idea "The quality work can be offered to the client by maintaining engineer's motivation high" is a key factor in various project management that is not only the backbone of stability and the growth potential achievement.
System developed business is essential project in many kinds of industries, and it becomes alternative labor force of the mature society.
Our group comprehends these growth chances, and aims at further growth as a leading business.

It keeps always challenging based on the cultivated high technology.

The system development business in our group piled results in the field of operating, Web application development and network construction/developing.
Moreover, we operate of the affiliate service and AFRo (Afro), and we get the customer's trust in a wide range of fields.
Recently, we always challenge a new field as the development of our service based on our technological knowledge.
We focus on training professional industrial engineers based on Android training.

To be a customer satisfied company, we make efforts to hold up a top priority every day. We Try to add value to new service proposal and make differentiation with the other companies.

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