• GNU Inc.


In the current market, the diversification of work styles and liquidation of human resources is penetrating into the modern society. As a countermeasure, we try to match the needs of companies and job seekers. We try to develop the niche market with the contract of sales promotion and office staff dispatch.
As such, the company has developed a niche market company to avoid competition by running a dispatching service to workers.
The company aims to achieve a long-term growth by responding to a new corporate demands and outsourcing of operations such as office and support center.


I want to work at the office.
I like to attend to the customers.
I want to use my skills.

Find valuable temporary staffing business companies.
Connect people and work.
For your new future ...

Hoping to work at the office, communicate with people and utilize own ability skills and experience.

Seeking of valuable staffing and recruiting service. Connecting between people and the job.
And then a brand-new future will begin...

We provide jobseekers with good opportunities for employment among various industries, mostly excellent companies.
We offer several ways of working styles, such as long-term, short-term or work by the hour. We give the highest priority of support to those who work.
We update the latest job experience information for every applicant including all sorts of fields including office work, sales representative, technical staffs and creators.
We assist your job with best supporting system in order to generate as many new jobs as possible.
Find your own way of work and life style to career up and skill up.
The creed of GNU group's staffing and recruiting business is:
"We have a high regard for people".

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