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The largest Couples hotel information site in Japan

Towards 2020, the Group is addressing the shortage of accommodation facilities as a challenge when growing the tourism industry in Japan. We will continue to improve our services to our customers while creating a mechanism that requires "couples" as a supreme accommodation facility for foreign travelers, so that we can improve that problem even a little.

The feature of "Couples" is Japan's largest couple's hotel information site, the monthly access count is 30 million page views, and the number of "couples" application downloads is 1.3 million downloads and the number one in the industry. We have over 10 million people annually and boasts overwhelming sending power. Since October 1, Heisei 28, the hotel information site "Couples" will be directly managed by the media so that we can further expand the service and make a contribution to HOTEL.

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Couples office

(Sales headquarters)
1-39-5 Nihonbashi Kokokuchocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Toll-free : 0120-017-888
FAX : 03-5614-0802
MAIL : hotel@gnu.co.jp

(Osaka Sales Office)
4-7-4 Honcho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture Honcho Gramercy 4F
TEL : 06-6227-8998
FAX : 06-6267-3940

(Fukuoka Sales Office)
1-9-3-4F Minobinjima Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Fukuoka prefecture
TEL: 092-710-6661
FAX: 092-710-6669

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